Volunteer lodging. Please note we have now installed mosquito nets above the beds.

The school provides free basic comfortable accommodation, with 24 hour security.

Available only for volunteers, we have 7 lodging rooms with lighting, 2 power sockets and a mosquito net. The rooms can be used for single or double occupancy.

We also have space to offer single, double or triple tents. 

The school provides a flushable toilet and shower facilities exclusively used by the volunteers.

There are some affordable lodging choices near the school if you prefer to stay outside the school.

We hope to hear from you soon :)


Nshima, vegetables and chicken.

The volunteers will be provided with the lunch in a separate dinning area.

Our traditional lunch is nshima with vegetables. On occasion we can also have chicken or fish depending on funds. 

Volunteers must buy their own extra supplies at the supermarket in Livingstone, as you are required to make your own breakfast and dinner. We have a small village market within walking distance from the school where you can buy basic foods such as tomatoes, onions, bread and drinks.

You can also do laundry on the school premises.

Volunteer lodging.

Volunteer room.

Please note we have now installed mosquito nets above the beds.

Single Occupancy Tent

Double Occupancy Tent