School Feeding Program

From its inception, the children enrolled come from needy families where the possibility of having three meals a day is slim. Therefore, the school initiated a feeding program for the children during the learning days. We are aware of the mamoth task of providing breakfast and lunch to 400 children. Hence, we appeal for funding to help continue procuring the much needed meals every day. This special provision of food makes the children active in class and motivates them to come to school everyday.

Tailoring Classroom and Computer Hub

Through the support of donors, the school recently acquired tailoring machines and computers to be used by children in their learning and online communication. These are life skills that will help them earn a living in the future through employment. 

Local woman have furthermore been incorporated in these activities within the aim of allowing them to make items for sale and support their families.

However, the school is in a need of a structure where the children can perform their practical lessons. 

For the 2 projects to be up and running, a 1x2 classroom block is needed. The necessary amount for its construction is 10 000.00 USD. Any financial support towards the project will be greatly appreciated. 

Teachers Stipends

In order to provide their services, our teachers need to be appreaciated or motivated through a monthly stipend. We are aware that they also need to provide basic needs to their families. 

Projected Operations Budget for 2021

Within the aim to be effectively functional throughout the year 2021, the school in consultation with our partners has projected the following budget. 

Simoonga Projected Budget for 2021

Kindly assist us in any possible way.