What to do in your spare time?

Because it's not all about work, our location in the tourist capital of Zambia and our proximity to the Zambezi River offers the perfect opportunity to explore the amazing surroundings. Here are a few examples we think our volunteers might enjoy to do.

At the bottom of the page you will have some pictures of our volunteers having a so enjoyable time. 

1. Mukoro Safari on the Zambezi River

This river activity called Mukoro Safari is similar to white water rafting but it is done on traditional wooden canoes. It is a participatory paddling river activity that requires the involvement of two skilled paddlers.

Volunteers will be slicing through the Zambezi waters and have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscape on the Zambezi River. You will also see wild animals like hippos and elephants (and maybe some crocodiles) while enjoying the stunning sunset over the river. 

When and where does this activity take place?

Mukoro River Safari starts from a point called River Romance and ends at Munyangwe Point, which is a distance of 3 km. 

You will be accompanied by our local knowledgeable river guide, who knows every tree, bird and reptile along the Zambezi.

What is the cost?

This 2:30h river activity costs 20.00 USD per person.

2. Fishing Sport Safari

This full day fishing tour takes place on the Zambezi River where volunteers will have the opportunity to catch one of the local fish like Zambezi bream or Tiger fish. If you catch a fish you can choose to return it into the water or have it as your dinner meal after the tour. 

When and where does this activity take place?

This fishing tour takes place every weekend. 

What is the cost?

This tour costs 20.00 USD per person.

3. Guided Tour of the Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the World Seven Natural Wonders and any visit to Livingstone without seeing this phenomenon is deemed incomplete.

During the tour you will have the time to walk through all the trails, from the dry to the wet cataract which is the division of the falls. You will be taken to the Boiling Pot which is the lowest point of the falls with a decline of about 115 meters. The point is named after the colliding waves that spirals the water like a boiling pot. After the Boiling Pot you will walk through the rain forest and experience the drizzling water wet your skin. After the rain forest you will be taken across the Knife Bridge to the Arm Chair Gorge, where you can enjoy a nice view of the Main Falls, the Devil's Pool and thenderous motions of water as it goes down the Main Falls.

When and where does this activity take place?

The guided tour of the Falls takes place between 06:00 and 16:00.

You will have the opportunity to tour the falls from both the Zambian and the Zimbabwean side. 

What is included?

- Transfer to and from the Falls

- Falls Entry Fees

- Drinks and Snacks

What is the cost?

This activity costs 50.00 USD per person.

Makoro Safari

Makoro Safari