What is this project about?

With the sewing project, the students of Simoonga Thandizani Trust School learn how to sew different materials and, in addition, they sell the products to try to raise money. 

This money is used to improve the school and the life of the entire educational community. 

Here you can find the products they make and the prices of each one:


If you are interested in buying one product, do not hesitate to contact us:


  • Ladies Bag (Big)

    10 USD

  • Shirts

    Short Sleeved: 10 USD
    Long Sleeved: 15 USD

  • Curtains and Pillows

    Curtains with pillows: 20 USD
    Plain Curtains: 15 USD
    Plain Pillows: 15 USD

  • Ladies Travelling Bags

    8 USD

  • School Backpack

    15 USD

  • Ladies Bag (Small)

    8 USD

  • Bucket Hats

    10 USD

  • Bracelets

    5 USD

  • Head bands

    5 USD