My name is Bethany Schultz, I am a 25 year old flight attendant from the United States. Zambia is my 9th African country and I do volunteer work in an orphanage in Ethiopia as well, but no place I have visited in the world compares to Simonga.

From the moment I arrived every person I have met in the village has treated me with genuine, warm kindness. I arrived a little hardened from being in America, but after spending just a day here I could feel the love from every person I encountered. The staff as well as the children here at Thandizani are absolutely incredible. The work Edwin and the other staff are doing is so admirable and really makes a huge difference in this community. It has been the biggest blessing to spend time among everyone here, I have wonderful memories that I'll carry with me forever.

I highly recommend visiting this school if you have a chance to and can't wait for my own return.


Hi volunteers from all over the world!

My name is Silvia, I spent 4 weeks at Thandizani Trust school and I can say this experience really enriched me as a teacher and as a person! The great thing about volunteering here is that anyone who wants to help is welcome to come and join the school, as there are so many things you can do beyond teaching! From my personal experience I can tell you that when I was here I also helped the workers in the construction of the new classrooms: I didn't have any experience in that before coming, but they were all happy to teach me how to place bricks one over the other, and that's how I became a builder too! In the classes the children need to experience any sort of activity that can improve their education, knowledge of the world and of themselves and help them to become a member of a school group, of their community and of a bigger society. Any kind of lessons or workshop you would like to experiment with them is very appreciated: it will make them happy and it will grow their enthusiasm for learning something new!

Personally, I took care of weekly art classes, drama workshop, teaching words in my mother language (Italian) and supporting the teachers with new topics or revisions. I also saw other volunteers succeding in yoga classes (children love it!), sport tournaments and environmental, reading, sewing, sexual education programs! Also, you can come here with items you want to donate, and give them out to the kids as prices when they win a game, or even organize a big lottery for them! You can feel free to come up with new ideas and discuss them with the teachers: inspiration and co-operation is what makes our world and our children move on and evolve! If you have a certain amount of money you want to give the school as a donation, you can talk with the administration team and find out what are the main necessities, in order for you to put your personal effort in a specific project that will definitely hit the goal!

You can always give your contribution in the feeding program or buy what the school needs the most in that moment. With the help of my family and friends we funded the construction and the completion of a library that now children and teachers can use to easily find the books they want to read either for school or for leisure: this is the motto that will make them all succeed "Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader!". Volunteers are very much cared for by children, teachers, administration staff, kitchen staff, community members and the director, so you will never feel lonely here: this will become your Zambian family! Feel free to ask any question before you come (e-mail, whats app and facebook are the main communication channels you can use), so that you will know what to expect about your personal life and time at Thandizani Trust School. This is very important for you to get ready to spend this time of your life excellently, focusing on both your needs and the children ones: don't forget that volunteering is for you to donate, but also to receive love and good vibes, so don't come unprepared and you will love Zambia and Thandizani! The smiles and the joy of the children will stay in your heart forever: this is what I want to bring with me for life! 


My name is Esra, I’m 26 years old and I’m a teacher in the Netherlands.

The Simoonga Thandizani Trust school provided me my first volunteer experience. I work as a teacher, but working with the children at this school was very new to me. The children are amazing. They are polite, excited, open and always ready to help.

The locals are very friendly, they'll start a conversation with you, teach you the culture and they'll help you whenever you need them. The teachers and workers at the school will do everything to make you feel comfortable. If you have any kind of problem they'll be happy to help you and solve the problem, even in your free time. 

I had never been in Afrika, never slept in a tent and never done volunteering abroad. So for me this volunteering program has made me experience a lot of new things and made me richer as a person. 

Mari and Dani

Hello everyone! 

Our names are Mari and Dani and we have been in Simoonga Thandizani Trust School for two weeks. 

It has been a pleasure to share our days with these special people! They are so kind and since the first day they include us in all their plans and they treated us like part of their family.

We have been helping the teachers in different classes, we also have taught and we have helped the cooks to prepare the food! It has been an incredible experience! They are so flexible and allow you to organize yourself as best as possible. 

Also we went to Victoria's Falls and we did an amazing Safari through the National Park! 

Thanks to all the teachers, the students and all the educational community for taking care of us! It has been our first time here but, for sure, not the last one!