There so many things as you can help here:

One of our volunteers helping with maths.

1. Help in the classroom

Qualified teachers are extremely welcome here. Your valuable expertise can truly impact and transform the lives of the children. Regardless of whether or not you are a qualified teacher, you are still welcome. You can lead or just assist in one of the classrooms. You can share your experiences with the class and certainly both students and teachers will learn a great deal from you.

Even if you would just prefer to assist in classes, our class size is quite large, most contain from 30 to 40 children. Hencefore,  your help is always very much welcome.

After school or during the break time you can help our little ones to practice their reading, to help with maths or even to read them short stories.

You can share your language with them, do arts and crafts or simply play. Maybe you know a couple of cool magic tricks, a new game the children may not have ever seen before or a dance/song.

All of your skills and ideas are warmly appreciated, so feel free to share these with us.



2. Help with fundraising

You can also share your experience in the area of fundraising and help us increase the popularity of the school. This will hopefully lead to more donations which allow us to continue supporting the local community.

Our former volunteer Lisa came up with the idea of making baskets with greeting cards. These were placed in some hostels in Livingstone for guests to buy.

Another idea was to capture pictures of the children, that were placed in some other lodges and hotels in order to highlight the situation of the school. 

3. General help

We are seeking to improve all areas of school life so your help is appreciated in any area you feel comfortable in... cooking, cleaning, permaculture, rennovation, among other things. It is all up to you! 

Some time on playground with the students